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In the United States, Independence Day is regarded as the most auspicious and festive holidays of all. And precisely for this reason, it is the best time to visit, to witness the glory and pomp. The cities are decked with beauty throughout the days and nights.Delta Airlines Flights will place you right into the heart of the celebration. Have the amazing view of the best of 4th July celebrations in the USA with its firework displays, street parties & patriotic parades.

The fireworks in New York are displayed in the Brooklyn Bridge and in Washington, D.C. the skies are radiant with patriotic colors, above the Nation’s Capital. The feel will be exhilarating one to witness the glory of this iconic event on the 4th of July.

Here are some places which outstand in its display of some spectacular things. Be privileged to see them all with Delta Airlines Reservations.

New York City

In Independence Day, the highlights of the event in New York City are stupendous. The firework display which by night explodes in the Brooklyn Bridge is worth beholding. The Barges will closely be held in Pier 17 at the south street Seaport, and other smaller fireworks can be seen shooting up from the bridge itself. The view will be just awesome and exalting. This is the most iconic of all and, set a place to see all these things.

New England

Here in New England, all the historic towns and cities had played a great role in the Independence of America. The most exciting thing of this is, the events are held with such grandeur, that it suits to the occasion so well. The parades, the family-friendly events, and the lavish display of fireworks make it worth for the celebration.

Rhode Island since many years hosts the longest events for the Independence Day. There are great other items of engaging in, with its New England style of seafood festivals, lobster races, sailboat shows, and other such events.


This city is famous also for its grand fireworks on this occasion. It is also accompanied with what you will love the most- the famous Boston Pops Orchestra, which culminates with the display of cannon fire in the night. The blast of the fireworks is the ideal of all.

The events start on the evening of 3rd July with entertainers and their performances, but there are no fireworks. The main event occurs on 4th July with the concert at 8 p.m. which is followed by fireworks at around 10:30 p.m.

Colonial Williamsburg [Virginia]

On this day, at this living history, the real-life actors enact the days of independence, by taking over the houses and giving it life. Delta Airlines Flights Reservations will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions to the great Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry replica, some of the history questions and get answers.

The fireworks are held at 9.20 p.m. from the behind of the Governor’s palace. It is best to visit this place a little early to find a seat and witness the spectacular display of fireworks and the concerts.

Washington D.C.

Here the National Independence Day Parade tops all the events of USA. You can just sit in the lawn at U.S. Capitol and watch the concert which commences at 8 p.m. The concert is performed by some of the noted musicians and other great performers.

The massive firework display that is held in the National Mall, to mark the occasion is impressive.

Virginia Beach

In Virginia Beach, thousands of visitors rush to see the performance of the local bands and entertainers in the waterfront. This event is accompanied by spectacular fireworks over the ocean, to show the grand nature of this free patriotic celebration.


This city is known to display great fireworks colored with special red, white, and blue. It starts at 9.30 p.m. the place has a crowd of people coming to witness the entire event. Get to this place in advance to grab you a seat, and enjoy everything the place has to offer with Delta Flights Reservations.


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